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Benson Security Systems (BSS), a proud member of the Benson Group of Companies, is a Tanzanian based company specializing in Digital security systems. Providing end-to-end solutions, BSS focuses in providing state of the art technologies in surveillance systems, Biometric access control systems, home security and much more.

Surveillance cameras are the most preferred type of security. High resolution cameras are used to capture footage on recording systems to provide evidence for investigation purposes.

Alarm System

Intruder Detection systems are designed to deter possible intrusions by using a variety of sensors. Instant audible and visual alerts come in the form of sirens and strobes, and SMS/e-mail notifications are correspondingly sent to designated personnel.

Access Control

Access Control systems are designed to restricted access to authorised personnel/Vehicles using Biometric readers, Turnstiles, bollards etc. Access Control systems provide reports on areas accessed and flexible access rights.

Gate Automation

Automatic Gates and Barriers are used to improve security at residences/commercial areas. Using remotes to open/close gates and barriers adds to the convenience of not having to wait for guards.

Electric Fence

Electric fencing is effective for both protecting a property from intruders, and containing wildlife within a designated area. Serving as a physical and psychological deterrent against intruders, and a barrier for animals trying to roam beyond a certain point.

Time & Attendance

Time and Attendance Systems use biometric data to record staff shifts; allowing for accurate payroll calculations, aiding in the reduction of costs and improving overall staff efficiency. These systems eliminate ‘ghost workers’ and provide flexible shifts/working locations.

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