Afritrack’s farm equipment tracking offers several advantages that can help farms reduce their costs, improve efficiency, and become more competitive.

While farm equipment such as tractors, balers, and combines allow modern farms to produce significantly larger amount of food than farms in the past. Today’s farms, however, need to operate as efficiently as possible to stay in business. Afritrack’s farm solutions can also monitor irrigation systems, water flow monitoring, record field temperature, soil temperature and so forth.


Complete Visibility
Optimise utilization of machinery
Improve preventive maintenance for equipment

Extended Features

Real time location
Cloud Based Access (Desktop Control Center and Mobile App)
Monitor working time spend by location
Geofence and un-authorized entry/exist alerts
Enhance operator safety by alerting entering hazard area
Reduce fuel consumption

Track engine hours
Define areas through geo location
Fuel usage
Lower equipment life cycle cost
Prevent un-authorized use

Track equipment operating hours
Maintenance logs
Avoid breakdowns and reduce equipment downtime
Identify issues as they occur
Avoid un-expected equipment failures

Track mobile and fixed equipment location and usage
Maximize profitability with improved refueling practices
Plan preventive repairs
Increase yield and reduce operating time
Reduce time spent managing, storing and retrieving equipment

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