Aircraft Tracking

Aircraft Tracking

The need to operate safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively becomes more essential each day in the commercial aviation industry. Operators must find ways to meet aircraft communication regulations at the most affordable cost to stay competitive.

Afritrack’s aircraft tracking uses a network of satellites for communication for global coverage wherever the aircraft may be. Continuous high-speed satellite lock-on and position reporting translates into faster, more accurate positioning, speed, bearing, altitude and more. It allows ground crew to chart real-time flight paths, offers an extensive array of alerts, messaging, positioning and communication options. The solution has multiple map layers to provide more insight into fleet operating conditions.

The system also allows the pilot to send certain distress and non-distress messages to ground staff.

Afritrack knows that quick response time, precision coordinates and extreme reliability are critical components for aviation industry communication. Our S.O.S key integrated at Pilot’s console sends alerts immediately to ground control and SAR team with aircrafts latitude, longitude, speed, heading and altitude. Allowing SAR procedures to react promptly and deliberately.


Complete Visibility
Monitor hourly usage
Optimize efficiency of machinery
Improve preventive maintenance

Extended Features

Real time updates
Cloud Based Access (Desktop Control Center and Mobile App)
All assets on one screen for one or multiple sites

Real time GPS tracking
Continuous tracking anywhere hybrid in built global satellite and GSM network connectivity
Cloud based system, access from anywhere on your desktop, tablet or smartphone
Starter Generator On/Off
Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Custom date range history
Plotting of trips and trip data breakdown
Altitude and ground speed
Export to Google Earth KML
Airstrips/airfield markers by country, also you can add your own markers
Recording of Pilots name, passengers against flights
Ability to extend link for tour operator, ticket agent and or booked passenger for flight updates
Flight replay “go back in time “(training/ quality check/ incident)
Automatically turns on flight mode when aircraft accelerates above 40 knots

Movement alerts (start/stop takeoff land)
Button alerts (S.O.S, Mark, I am OK)
Maintenance remainders
Flight route violation alerts
Flying in un-authorized air space
Alerts sent on mobile app, email, sms and control center
System watch – send alerts in event aircraft has not reported to the server

2 way messaging and texting aircraft <-> base

Airports/Airstrips visited (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly)
Flight Data
Upcoming maintenance
Utilization Cost
Risk Mitigation

Essential for flight schools, student pilots can access their flight data, replay their flight and take notes for correction and/or potential markers.

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