Generator Monitoring

Aircraft Tracking

Afritrack offers a vendor-independent solution for remote management of generators. Customers face problems such as remote monitoring of the generator, fuel level monitoring, human dependency, the quality of grid power, capturing real time data, etc.

The solution includes RMS, fuel sensors, power meters, temperature sensors and more enabling remote monitoring & control.

Afritrack’s generator monitoring system is not only to monitor performance but also early diagnosis of developing problems such as battery drain, overheating e.t.c that they don’t advance to shut-down failures.


Reduced energy consumption
Reduced service trips
Increased life cycle maintenance
Reduced minimum time to react and lowered minimum to resolve
Minimized fuel theft
Enhanced security

Extended Features

Real time updates
Cloud Based Access (Desktop Control Center and Mobile App)
All assets on one screen for one or multiple sites

Phase Monitoring Before & After CB
Load Monitoring Before & After Invertor/UPS
Power Metering KwH
Mains Power down alert
Invertor/UPS Power down alert

Generator Overheating alert
Fuel Overheating alert

Generator Start/Stop events
Generator Fail Start alert
Generator Engine Runtime Hrs
Low battery alert

Fuel Consumption Runtime/Liter
Fuel Fillings No’s/Liter
Generator Fuel Level
Low fuel level alerts
Fuel Drain/Theft Alerts

Generator Service time alert
Generator Maintenance record keeper
Still Image Capture
Access Control to Yard/Shelter
Perimeter Security around Yard/Shelter

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