Point of Presence (P.O.P)

Designed specifically for Internet Service Providers, Cable Operators and other service related networks. Afritrack offers a vendor-independent, off-net solution for remote management of passive and active infrastructure at a Point of Presence (POP) site.

The solution includes RMS, fuel sensors, power sensors (mains, inverter, genset), power consumption meters, temperature sensors, smoke detectors, door contacts, still camera integration and more to enable remote monitoring & control. The solution even has the ability to avail remote access for authorized personnel and also to cycle power to certain equipment (re-start).

P.O.P are vital to ISP backbone’s be it them delivering backhauls or last mile connectivity they need to be operating at optimum level. Like all electronic devices stable power, backup power, acceptable operating temperature, safety from water and other hazards is vital; continuous operations require devices to cold boot once in a while and in the event they are jammed. Afritrack’s P.O.P monitoring solution give you remote eyes and control to your infrastructure


Higher up-time
Reduced service trips
Increased life cycle maintenance
Reduced minimum time to react and resolve
Enhanced security

Extended Features

Mains power monitoring
Backup power (UPS/ Invertor/ Solar) monitoring
AC & DC Energy utilization

Mains power up/down events and duration
Backup power down events and duration
AC/DC Energy usage
Capture image repository
Temperature charts (Outside, GenSet, Cabinet, Shelter)

Mains power down
Backup power down
Shelter/Cabinet flooding
Fire alarm
Cabinet overheating
P.O.P restarted
Access granted to cabinet/shelter
Tower light not working

Remote Power cycle
Remote access control

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