As a safari company, you know the importance of ensuring your clients get the best experience with the least hiccups possible. Afritrack’s safari tracking can track your entire Safari fleet in real time. When in the wild, your vehicles may wander off track and attract un-welcome penalties and dangers. Also when there are vehicle troubles, you need to know immediately (via a dash-mounted SOS button) and react accordingly. Your client’s safety, comfort is of primary concern and now you can have peace of mind with Afritrack’s Safari solution.

Optionally you can also opt for a hybrid (satellite and GSM) solution for global visibility for areas that may not have cellular coverage.


Know where your clients are at all times
Locate fleet instantly in event of emergency
Get alerts in the event an excursion is entering hazard areas
Monitor driver behavior to prevent risky or irresponsible driving practices.
Eliminate out of safe route driving

Extended Features

Real time location
Cloud Based Access (Desktop Control Center and Mobile App)
Driver Identification
Geofence and un-authorized entry alerts
Reduce fuel consumption
Fleet in distress

Fuel Monitoring (fillings, level, usage, drain/theft)
Prevent un-authorized use
Driving Behavior (Acceleration, Deceleration, Harsh Braking, Cornering, custom defined)
Dash-Cam Integration
Vehicle service reminder
Vehicle document expiry reminder
Driving license expiry reminder
Plan preventive repairs
Identify issues as they occur

Route Replay
Vehicle Diagnostics (CANBUS)
Define Vehicle Profiles
Driver score cards
Trips history (Routes, Stops, Parking’s)
Driving mode (personal/Official)
Need Assistance Alert
Tow Alerts

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