Access Control

Access Control systems are designed to restricted access to authorised personnel/Vehicles using Biometric readers, Turnstiles, bollards etc. Access Control systems provide reports on areas accessed and flexible access rights.

Various types of readers can be deployed to restrict access depending on security levels required. Standard solutions
include entering a pin code or badging proximity cards for internal doors. High end biometric systems can
also be used for high security areas such as strong rooms in banks etc. Biometric options include fingerprint readers,
Palm readers, Facial recognition and Iris recognition.

Bollards are used for creating barriers in high security areas such as airports, embassies etc. Bollards are designed to
stop vehicles that try to push through defense barriers in restricted areas

Turnstiles are similar to bollards and are used to restrict personnel access or to maintain order in places such as
supermarkets, office blocks etc.

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