Electric Fence

Electric fencing is effective for both protecting a property from intruders, and containing wildlife within a designated area. Serving as a physical and psychological deterrent against intruders, and a barrier for animals trying to roam beyond a certain point. Offering a non-lethal barrier for households, businesses and conservation areas.
Electric Fences are durable and easy to maintain, allowing for easy integration of existing alarm systems. Sensor switches can be added to automatically adjust sensitivity and zoning provides information on attempted point of entry.

Wall Tops
Wall top fences as the name suggests are designed to be installed on walls of a premises to act as a barrier
from intruders jumping over walls. The current industry standard provides for an 8 strand fence to be erected
over walls but may go higher depending on the level of threat and wall height. BSS staff are trained to install fences
as per international standards and to ensure that shock levels are maintained through out the fence.

Free Standing
Free standing fences are installed in areas where a wall is not present. These fences act both as a
physical barrier due to the type of wire used and can provide powerful shocks during a break in attempt.

Game Fencing
Game fences are shorter fences that are designed to contain animals. These are specilaly designed
to run on low voltage and to protect the hide of an animal in case of an attempted breach.

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