Gate Automation

Automatic Gates and Barriers are used to improve security at residences/commercial areas. Using remotes to open/close gates and barriers adds to the convenience of not having to wait for guards. Automatic Barriers are also used for parking systems with automated ticket and payment stations to add security and improve revenue collection. The current parking system at the Kilimanjaro International Airport is a landmark installation of automated parking systems conducted by Benson Security Systems.

Retrofit automation units can be installed on virtually any gate to make them operate automatically. Whether it
be a swing or a slide gates, BSS offers various automation units to fit any gate. This allows for convinence
and security when approaching gates by virtue of using remotes to open/close gates

Barriers are designed to restrict access at places where security checks or restricted access is in place.
Mostly found in hotels, airports etc, barriers are designed to allow guards to conduct security checks
before allowing vehicles in a premises

Parking Systems
BSS provides the latest in parking systems such as the system at Kilimanjaro International Airport.
Parking systems are designed to regulate access and provide a reliable method of revenue collection
for services used.

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