Effective Communications systems are the heart of any business. Communications systems include computer networks and telephony systems. Networking systems are available in wired and wireless set ups which include fiber connectivity. Telephony has been transformed to allow for flexible communications amongst office locations and to reduce overall communication costs. Part of communication systems also include intercom systems. Commonly found in commercial buildings and apartment set ups, intercom systems allow for improved security and record keeping of visitors.

Local Area Networks are the lifeline of any business. Technologies such as surveillance cameras, Telephony
systems, etc depend on network systems. BSS provides wired, wireless and fiber networking systems to increase
effeciency and reduce costs

Telephone systems
IP phones are now the standard basis of communication and have inherent features that reduce costs and
increase efficiency. IP systems include various features geared towards businesses.

Intercom Systems
Intercom systems come in various configurations. Whether it be small one to one systems to
highly complex intercom systems for buildings and commercial properties